General Terms and Conditions

  • Ski poles are always included in the ski price
  • The customer takes full responsibility for all the rental equipment
  • It is possible to insure the equipment by paying a rate of 10% of the rental price. In this case, loss or theft will be covered for 75% of the total value of the equipment, while in case of damage only 50% of the total cost of the repair will be charged
  • In case of loss, theft or damage without insurance, or in case of acts of vandalism or improper treatment (with or without insurance) the entire market value, or the total cost of the repair, will be charged
  • In case of theft, the customer is required to report the theft to the local police
  • In the event that the equipment is not returned, and the customer cannot be reached, Only Ski reserves the right to file a complaint to the local police
  • Early returns of the equipment are not refundable, except in case of injury or illness with a medical certificate or proven force majeure
  • The equipment can be rented starting at 16.00 of the day before the rental, and can be returned by 18.30 of the last day of the rental, or by 10.00 of the day following the end of the rental period, without additional charges. After these terms, one additional day of rental will be charged
  • During the rental period, if necessary, it is possible to chanĀe some items with others, also of different categories. Switching to a higher category will involve the payment of the difference in price between the two items, while switching to a lower category doesn’t allow any refund
  • The half-day rental starts only from 12.00
  • At the stage of rental of the equipment, it is recommended to keep the recoĀnition codes of every item. At the stage of the return, the customer has to verify that the equipment is correct. Nothing else will be accepted other than the equipment assigned to each customer (even if property of Only Ski)
  • Only Ski reserves the right to verify the good condition and the integrity of the returned material and to claim against the customer in case of damaged or missing items
  • The charge for loss or break of ski poles is 10.00€
  • The binding fitting takes place in accordance with the current legislation and involves the use of the data provided and countersigned by the customer about their physical parameters. Therefore, the customer is held responsible for their statements

Additional Terms and Conditions for Online Booking

  • The equipment is available for no later than 24 hours before the rental date
  • Any cancellations will be refunded only if notified no later than 7 days before the estimated rental date, after this deadline there will be no refund, except in case of proven force majeure
  • It is possible to change some items with others if necessary, the rental of equipment from different categories will be managed as defined in the rules mentioned above
  • Switching the equipment shall be made in person in one of our rental stores

Delivery to a Hotel or at Home

  • The equipment delivered to a hotel or at home, may be carried in ski boot bags or other accessories property of Only Ski. These items must be duly returned with the rest of the equipment at the end of the rental. Otherwise Only Ski reserves the right to charge the customer for an amount equal to the purchase price of the not returned item
  • Deliveries and returns to a hotel will be managed according to each hotel. The equipment will be available by the expected arrival date, and will be left at the hotel at the end of the last rental day, or returned in one of our stores. Customer must verify the integrity and the good condition of the equipment after using. Upon returning, Only Ski reserves the right to check the gear and to recontact the customer in case of missing or damaged items, or items different than those assigned at the beginning. In that case the regulation mentioned above will be applied
  • Delivery service at home covers the whole area of La Thuile, the service charge is 5.00€ for each delivery. Delivery is free of charge for orders starting at 25.00€
  • We deliver at home every day from 8.30 to 10.00 and from 17.00 to 18.30. Customer can choose the time slot most suited to their needs while booking, during that time slot the customer must be present at the address communicated. Further inÿormation about delivery or return will be communicated after booking the service
  • In case our staff doesn’t find anyone at home, the booked equipment will be stored at Only Ski Express rental shop and 10.00€ for failed delivery will be charged to the customer, to be paid upon their arrival at the store. Customer must pick up the equipment directly at the rental store within the same day (if he chose the morning time slot), or within the next day (if he chose the evening time slot). After this deadline, and in the absence of any communication, the booked equipment will come back available for new rentals and no refunds will be allowed, except in case of proven force majeure
  • The return of the equipment delivered at home can happen in one of our stores, or at home in one of the time slots described above. In both cases, the verification of the good condition and the integrity of the equipment will be made in the presence of the customer and our staff, the regulation mentioned above will be applied
  • In case our staff doesn’t find anyone at home at the moment of the return, it is up to the customer to return the equipment in one of our stores. Please note that, in case of returning delay, one or more extra rental days will be charged and the regulation mentioned above will be applied

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