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Cammino Balteo trails in the Aosta Valley

The Aosta Valley is the smallest region in Italy and the least densely populated with only 38 persons per km², concentrated mostly in the city of Aosta. This is an entirely mountainous region dominated by inaccessible and untamed peaks piercing the sky.

Discover the Cammino Balteo on foot

Remote, cold, and apparently inhospitable, yet hiding places and people worth knowing. The authentic Aosta Valley is found beyond the more tourist-oriented and international localities, and really there’s no better way to discover this than following the rhythm of your own legs.

The Cammino Balteo (the Balteo Way) will guide you along a 350k loop at elevations ranging from 350 – 1900 meters, crossing 40 districts, and following the flow of the Dora Baltea River which dominates the central valley of the region.

An adventure by way of footpaths and trails you will discover forests, vineyards, castles, old villages, local traditions and lore. Your adventure can follow the outlined stages of the Cammino, or you can explore at your own pace, create your own challenges, mind your own preferences for a more personalized experience.

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Stages Cammino Balteo

The 23 officially outlined stages of the Cammino Balteo are designed for exploring by foot, ranging in length from 8k to 20k with a difference in altitude from 200m to 1300m per stage. Beginning in Pont-Saint-Martin at the mouth of the Valley and ending in the western-most Morgex, the Cammino is accessible at many different points along both sides of the Dora Baltea River, and wherever you start, you will loop around and return to your departure point. Certainly your stages should be thought out in terms of your physical fitness, but also remember to consider how much time you would like to dedicate to visiting your chosen attractions. The Cammino is accessible most of the year with the possible exception of some winter periods.

What can Only Ski offer you for the Cammino Balteo?

Mountain bike rentals for outings and long tours along the Cammino Balteo

Our Morgex rental shop is situated at the 14th stage of the Cammino, the closest point to Mont Blanc. Spending a day exploring this area is well worth your time before continuing along the Cammino. Only Ski will provide you with electric bikes as well as a traditional mountain bikes or book a guided tour of this amazing area known as Valdigne.

Here’s some suggestions:

  • Visit the Prié Blanc: discover the wine-producing regions of Morgex and La Salle. The cultivation of these ancient variatals produce the unique Blanc de Morgex and prestigious icewines
  • Tour the valleys of Courmayeur: at the foot of Mont Blanc and the adjacent glaciers, the Val Ferret and the Val Veny offer mountain bike and foot trails that are beautiful beyond description.
  • Tour to Lago d’Arpy (Lake Arpy) and Col Croce (Pass of the Cross): by way of a peaceful forest path access the enchanting Lago d’Arpy, pushing upwards to the Col Croce, and if you can manage the downhill, return through the town of La Thuile.
  • Tour the hills La Salle e Planaval: easy-going and sunny tracks allow you to discover the villages above La Salle and Morgex, steeped in history and culture. At Planaval, admire the incomparable panorama onto the central valley.

Pre-book at Only Ski Morgex your rental bikes, bikes for kids, bike trailers, and child seats! We offer delivery to wherever your staying for your convenience. For more information, please consult the link to e-bike tours.

Shop mountain bikes and baggage storage on the Cammino Balteo

Preparing for your unique walking adventure on the Cammino requires some attention to detail and good preparation. What do I put in my backpack? What gear is necessary and what is just extra weight? If I want to plan a day off the Cammino, where do I leave my backpack? Here Only Ski can help you find solutions:

Gear and accessories: It’s not the end of the world if you’ve forgotten something! Only Ski Morgex has clothing and accessories for mountain bikes as well as sunglasses, sun protection, water bottles, lights, powerbanks, socks, hats, gloves, raingear, multi-tools, camel bags, poles, first-aid kits, and other emergency items. We’ve stocked everything you may need!

Luggage storage: Too much stuff? Bag too heavy? Leave excessive items and bags at Only Ski Morgex where we will store it safely for hours or even several days, allowing you to continue your Cammino light and easy. If you decide at another stage of the Cammino that you want to liberate yourself of some weight yet keep your gear available for use, have it delivered to us indicating in writing Luggage storage Cammino Balteo.

Mountain bike rental and sales on the Cammino Balteo

The Cammino was born to host walkers and hikers, but we love exploring on bikes, so we’ve studied the various routes that are great for 2-wheeled adventurers. Many of the stages are entirely bike-friendly, but some involve re-routing – but don’t worry! We’ll keep you up-to-date and suggest alternative routes where the trail is less accessible to bikers. If you’re ready to ride, we offer these great services:

  • Mountain bike rentals: considering biking the Cammino but don’t have a bike? Book your bike with us and we’ll send you on your way. For longer periods, book your bike well in advance so as to guarantee availability. We offer various types of bikes including full-suspension Enduro, mountain bikes with front disc brakes, gravel bikes, e-bikes with frontal or full-suspension.
  • Charging stations: need a charge for your e-bike? Ensure your independence and charge up in our shop or at one of the nearby public stations.
  • Accessories and spare parts: traveling with some spare parts is key to a worry-free journey, but bringing everything for every possible situation is practically impossible. If you need inner tubes, break pads, multi-tools, maintenance kits, bike packs, or other accessories, we stock the things you need at Only Ski Morgex.
  • Professional repairs: need a repair or a check over from an expert? After many kilometers on rough terrain in various weather conditions can compromise your bike. At Only Ski ask for the assistance of a qualified mechanic for all kinds of maintenance and repairs.
  • Assistance: break down? Don’t panic. We offer an on-call shuttle service on the Morgex-Aosta segment that will bring you to the nearest town or your preferred stop, and we’ll fix your bike to get you back in the saddle as soon as possible. If your bike is out-of-commission, we’ll rent you one of ours while yours is in the repair shop, eliminating lost time.