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Rental home delivery

How does delivery work?

Can you think of anything more convenient than getting your bike delivered to wherever you’re staying? If interested, you can book this service by email or phone, or by filing out the contact form indicating where and when you’d like your bike delivered to your doorstep. Book in advance and you’ll find your equipment ready for use at your hotel or residence! Ask for the gear you need like helmets (always free of charge), body protection, emergency kits, battery chargers, extra batteries, bike trailers, and child seats. Service is free in La Thuile, Courmayeur, Pré-Saint-Didier and Morgex, and within 15k of Morgex. Cost of service beyond these areas is based on distance from rental point.

For delivery service, complete this contact form:

    After reading carefully our Equipment Guide What kind of rider are you? Indicate bike type(s) and other requests:

    Bike type





    Enduro Expert

    Enduro Gold

    E-Bike Front

    E-Bike Full


    Enduro Junior

    E-Bike Junior

    How to choose the size? Depends on height!

    • 130cm – 145cm*: Extra small (24)

    • Up to 165cm: Small

    • 166cm – 179cm: Medium

    • From 180cm: Large

    *For kids smaller than 130cm, please provide their height in centimeters.
    Anything else?





    Body protection

    Emergency kit (tire patching kit with extra innertube)

    Battery charger

    Extra battery

    Bike lock

    Bike trailer for kids

    Child seat

    Number of hours/days (delivery is reserved for a half-day rental minimum)


    Delivery destination (address or name of hotel)

    Delivery date

    Delivery time (select an option)


    Pick-up (address or name of hotel)

    Pick-up date

    Pick-up time (selecet an option)

    Note: Providing the above information is a booking request. Based on availability of equipment and delivery service, we will confirm your booking providing cost information and method of payment.