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Discover the summer season
Discover the winter season

Only Ski Workshop

Only Ski at the Planibel Hotel complex in La Thuile is our historic headquarters and is found adjacent to the Cage Aux Folles pub, just minute’s walk from the hotel reception, the Bosco Express chairlift, and the ticket office. During summer, Only Ski Planibel transforms into a professionally qualified bike workshop:


Our mechanics

Our mechanics are well-qualified, but also true enthusiasts! Need some advice? Don’t limit yourself to just stopping by to leave your bike. Stop and have a chat over a beer… A chat and brake cleaning may be just what you need.

Does your bike need maintenance or a check-up?

Maintenance is an important aspect of biking because it affects safety and performance, but also the fun factor. Safety and performance ensure the integrity of the bike therefore preventing accidents. The fun factor… well, a breakdown, however small, can ruin a day out on your bike. Do a bike check yourself at the end of every ride, and get regular maintenance by a qualified mechanic.

What’s to know?
Here are some tips for your after-ride bike check:

  • Check the tire pressure and the level of tread wear
  • Spin the wheels to check if they are aligned and spin unimpeded
  • Clean the chain, sprocket set, and chainwheel with a degreaser specifically for MTBs and apply lubricant
  • Check that the pedals are tight and present no signs of loosening
  • Check that the fork and frame are in good condition especially after intense use. They shouldn’t have any dents or scratches that compromise function
  • Check brake pads (replace them if they’re less than 1mm)
  • Check that the brake disks are not excessively used and that they move freely between the brake pads without touching them
  • To keep a bike in good condition, give it a low pressure wash after every ride

And if something doesn’t check out?

Bring your bike in and we’ll make it as good as new!

If you do some of your bike maintenance yourself, we urge you to consider that certain kinds of shop work are really quite delicate – for example, sprockets. Your maintenance doesn’t substitute a complete check-up especially for:

  • Fork and suspension maintenance
  • Headset lubrification
  • Bearings check and substitution
  • Disassembly and lubrification of the bottom bracket

Take care of your partner in adventure and bring your bike to a mechanic now and then for a full check-up and maintenance schedule!

Frazione Entrèves 122, 11016 La Thuile, Aosta, Italy
Phone +39 3484755344