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Safety: our first priority

Binding settings are calculated on the basis of the provided data by the client. This information is entered into the Sports Rental software according to ISO 13993 and TUV. Binding regulation is absolutely fundamental for your safety. Here’s how it works:

1. Programed software automatically calculates the release force setting of the binding based on the correct information provided by the client at check-in:
  • Weight
  • Height
  • Age

Here we refer to who will use the equipment. If the user is a minor, provide data regarding the child, not the adult companion.

In addition to the above information, the length of the sole of your boot is necessary:
  • If you would like to rent boots from us, simply provide your normal shoe size (not bigger!)
  • If you rented skis but have your own boots, we will need the length of the sole which is engraved into the heel on the outside or inside edge (if you can’t find it, we’ll take care of it!)
Lastly, indicate what level you ski at:
  • Beginner: starting out and generally skiing with a snowplow technique on easy (blue) slopes.
  • Intermediate: parallel skier with no problems on intermediate (red) slopes.
  • Advanced: confident skier with experience but not at a competitive level with no problems even on difficult (black) slopes.
At this point, our staff will adjust your bindings according to the result:

Every binding is adjusted specifically for the person who rented it. For this reason, skis are for personal use only and should never be exchanged with other people. This is very dangerous. In the case of problems, please don’t hesitate to contact us, but don’t use other people’s skis!

There's more...

Our staff members are constantly updating their professional knowledge to guarantee you the highest standard of quality in service and in safety. Every ski and board is inspected and prepped before every outing on the snow. Our ski service technicians’ priority is to give you your skis 100% safe and in best performing condition. Learn more about our ski service here!

Hygiene An essential part of our business is providing hygienic material. Helmets, boots, and clothing are washed, sterilized, and dried after every use. The products we use are dependable and safe, and certified for use in hospitals.