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Discover the winter season

Ski Storage Room

No-stress skiing with our storage service

Take advantage of our ski storage lockers and avoid hauling your skis around on your shoulder

Dragging around heavy, wet ski gear is really bothersome, so we suggest you leave it in your personal locker in the ski storage room, safe and sound.

Choose the ski storage room most convenient for you:

Storage at Only Ski Express with independent and in-shop entrances(La Thuile, at the base of the chairlift)
Storage directly on the slopes at Only Ski Les Suches(La Thuile, at the gondola arrival)
Storage in-store storage in Morgex, the heart of the Mont Blanc area(Morgex, rue du Mont Blanc)

Rent your personal locker

Equipment storage lockers accommodate two to eight persons. Practical, safely stowed, and in a heated room, this is an ideal solution for your gear at night and your personal belongings during the day.

Lockers are exclusively for your personal use. Locks are accessible electronically with your ski pass or by key. We offer locker rentals for brief periods or seasonally.

A daily locker rental starts at 10 am. In the case of lockers with key locks, client provides a €5 refundable deposit. If your locker requires your ski pass for access, please remember to bring your ski pass with you at the time of rental in order to activate it.

For information about seasonal (and daily) locker rentals including prices, please fill out the contact form here!

Please provide the following information and we will contact you with the best option for your needs:

    Preferred ski storage room location:

    Locker type (number of persons):